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Blog: Håkans Pop (SWE)

”There is a certain laid-back dignity in both songs and sound and I find myself comparing this to my personal favorite Richard Lindgren (SWE). Anders Westin has written all songs himself, and there are obvious qualities in his writing. Soundwise this album contains startling Americana. One song is titled ’Tom Dowd’, after the American producer legend, but to me ’Faded Summer’ is the track that stands out.”
Håkan Pettersson

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”…a very strong debut that leaves you wanting more. I hope for an exciting future for Anders Westin.”
Pär Dahlerus

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”The songs are marinated in Americana and country music, with a strong acoustic feel. Fiddle, pedalsteel and Hammond organ vary the sound. Anders Westin sings about memories, ’Grandpa’s Toolbox’, a summer that has faded, the resort Horred in Mark Municipality and that it’s a long way back home. To hear ’House by the lake’ is like sitting in a cozy camper van and listening to the wind whistling outside the window, down from the mountain.”
”A musical fire that warms the cold, with a gentle glow that’s smoldering deep inside.”
Timo Kangas

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Uppsala Nya Tidning (Daily newspaper)

”The debut record ’House by the lake’ stands out in many ways. The songs are very well written and engaging, the poetic and pictorial lyrics leans towards personal without getting too private, the organic instrumentation gives the music a certain nerve.”
”Another big plus is Klara Hellgrens violin playing on several songs. But what primarily gives the album nerve and character are Westin’s somewhat raspy voice that manages to convey both vulnerability and sadness as well as strength and joy.”
Stefan Warnqvist

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”There is a gentle, relaxed melancholy feel that befits the ambience of the title. There are 9 songs that complete a suite of songs that dovetail into each other. All are written and sung by Westin (with some added harmony vocals) and all are a world away from the frantic pace that a lot of music is delivered in a cluttered world over-filled with music.
Anders Westin did the right thing in getting his music from demo to this admirable destination.”
Stephen Rapid

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