House By The Lake

CD: House by the lake – Millhouse Records – AWCD01
Vinyl LP: House by the lake – Millhouse Records – AWLP01
Produced by Anders Westin
Recorded by Andreas Runeson and Anders Westin
Mastering: Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering
Cover photo: H. Vestin
Artwork & design: Millhouse

Thanks to all the musicians who have helped realize this project! ”Korre”, Tommy, Klara, Daniel, ”Pastorn”, Nicke, Eklöf, Mia and Elisabet.
Thanks also to Andreas Runeson, Johan Heltne, Anders ”Falken” Mikkelsen, Mikael Lindkvist, Marcus Wallon and Linda Brandemark. All of whom have contributed in various ways.


Anders Westin: Vocals, guitar, lapsteel
Peter Korhonen: Drums
Tommy Cassemar: Bass
Klara Hellgren: Violin
Daniel Kurba: Hammond A100
Andreaz Hedén: Grand piano
Nicke Widén: Pedalsteel
Andreas Eklöf: Ambient keyboard
Mia Runeson: Vocals
Elisabet Målqvist: Vocals

The musicians on the album ”House by the lake” have all contributed in their own way to help shape the music and turn the songs into the personal stories they have become. There has not been any right or wrong, just different ways to interpret an idea or express a certain feeling. The lyrics on the album are based on personal experience. They reflect memories from early years growing up as well as going through the motions of break-ups and the inevitable experience of aging. It’s a canvas painted with simple brush-strokes and mellow colours.

The idea from the start was that the arrangements should be as simple as possible. Only a few instruments recorded at the same time. The listener should experience the feeling of sitting on the porch in the evening sun and hearing the music being played live. However, it took a while before the songs found their true identity and in the process the music evolved in different ways until finally all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

During the final mixing of the record I came across an old slide-photo of my two brothers and my sister, taken a few years before I was born. I thought it would make a nice album cover. I also found a photo of the house by the lake ’Helsjön’ where we grew up.


1. Carpenter’s daughters son [3:38] 2. Reminiscence [3:13] 3. Grandpas toolbox [3:19] 4. Faded summer [4:37] 5. Lullaby [3:32] 6. Tom Dowd [4:32] 7. House by the lake [4:03] 8. Horred [3:53] 9. Long way back home [3:19]