Anders Westin

Anders Westin is a songwriter and producer based in Uppsala, Sweden. Anders writes and records his own songs, as well as collaborating with, and producing other artists. 

In his own words…

I grew up in Horred, a small town located on the west coast of Sweden. As a little kid, music was a mystery to me. The only thing I knew how to play was a used vinyl record player along with a handful of rock-n-roll singles my brother had given me. Later I picked up the guitar, learned a few chords and started to play along with the music I heard on the radio.

Music, like so many other things in life, is often about very few essential things. Who you are and what you feel. People and emotions. I try to focus on that when I collaborate with other musicians as well as working on my own music.

Most of the time I’m influenced by Americana and country-pop, with a blend of whatever I’m listening to at the time I guess. I’m not looking to reinvent music or anything but I try to add something new to the mix beyond the familiar sounds.

Building the House By The Lake

The album House by the Lake came to be as a result of close collaboration and support from some of Sweden’s most renowned musicians.  Tommy Cassemar, legendary Swedish bass player and Peter Korhonen, the drummer with Sophie Zelmani. They became the backbone, not only of the rhythm section but also of how the songs grew from demo to finished tracks.  

I first met up with Cassemar at a concert at Katalin in Uppsala. We’re sitting in the bar after the show and talk about music and Tommy asks me what kind of songs I like to play. I might have said something generalizing about the greatness of Townes van Zandt… Tommy becomes very enthusiastic and he asks me if I can’t send him a demo of my own songs. 

A couple of months later I receive a text message. It simply read: “I have listened [to the demo] and I’m really impressed! Damn this is good! You have to get this out!!!” I sit quietly and stare at the text-message for several minutes not knowing what to think.

I finished writing the songs and Cassemar, Korhonen and myself got together in Studio Löten and recorded the basic tracks. The album was released in 2016 and have received great reviews.